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Archive: "White & Black Planes"

09.03 - 10.13.2023

<White & Black Plane> is an exhibition that provides the audience with the opportunity to appreciate black-and-white flat paintings created by five contemporary artists, all gathered in one location. This assembly is no the outcome of mere subjective taste or aesthetic evaluation. In curating this exhibition, we have taken into thorough account the cultural traditions underpinning the historical use of black and white in both Eastern and Western art. Subsequesntly, we have chosen artists of notable importance within our contemporary era, those who serve as pivotal landmarks in the relevant artistic domain. It’s worth noting that many other talented artists are not featured in this exhibition. This signifies that the exhibition is not a singular event but rather lays the ample groundwork for continuity in the future. The utilization of black and white carries distinct interpretations and contexts for each artist, rendering the journey towards formal completion complex. We genuinely anticipate that this exhibition will serve as the inaugural chapter in an ongoing series, dynamic in nature. We firmly believe that this event will comprehensively showcase the evolution of Korean two-dimensional painting. Participatory Painters: Choi Myoung Young, Kwon O Bong, Kim Hyunsik, Shin Soo Hyeok, Yoon Sang Yeul

Exhibition Gallery

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