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Archive: Andy Denzler "Painting of Disruption"

11.01 - 12.18.2022

Gallery Bisunjae is proud to present "Paintings of Disruption" by Andy Denzler.


Denzler has created a signature style encompassing bands of pigment that alternate between static, thick marks and blurred, flowing sweeps. The human figure remains at the core of his explorations, courting the viewer's memories, and leaving him with a vague gnawing that he has missed something lying just beneath the surface. Perception and distortion are prominent and powerful traits of Denzler's studio practice.

With landscapes that seem close and elusive, Andy Denzler's works move between the figurative and the abstract, coexisting within the same canvas between the real and the unreal. Meanwhile, Denzler's compositional language of layering oil paint on top of each other allows the figures and the frozen time around them to meld between the real and the unreal, the figurative and the abstract, leaving the viewer open to a variety of interpretations.

He utilizes the expressive techniques of photography and film to create a new genre of motion painting. He captures the afterimage of movement as if the subject were frozen in time. The dreamy and opaque look of the paintings is like looking at an old film photograph, as if it will disappear in an instant.

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