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Archive: David Kim Whittaker "Towards A Miracle Painting"

07.07 - 08.28.2023

Gallery Bisunjae is pround to present "Towards A Miracle Painting" by David Kim Whittaker. David Kim Whittaker is a British painter born in 1964 in Cornwall, where they still reside.


A self-taught artist, most of Whittaker's paintings are based on an interpretation of the human head and its metaphysical core. Whittaker's portraits are ambiguous, with the aim to represent the universal alongside the personal. The works often juggle dual states of inner and outer calm and conflict – offering a glimpse of strength and fragility, the conscious and the subconscious, the masculine and the feminine. These universal states of conflict, clearly identifiable in Whittaker's works, are arguably reinforced by Whittaker's gender dysphoria and the personal struggle with a condition that they have learned to live with through the endeavour of expressing something bigger than oneself through painting.

Exhibition Gallery

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