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Upcoming: Ugo Li

September 25 - October 31, 2024

We are delighted to invite you to the opening of our latest exhibition featuring the exceptional works of Ugo Li on September 25th at Gallery Bisunjae.

Ugo Li, born in Paris in 1987, brings the richness of his inner world to the canvas through a unique and immersive painting process. Li draws inspiration from major life events, everyday details, and fragmentary media images, which he layers into multimedia fusions. His canvases intertwine imagination and reality, becoming vehicles for personal expression that convey his emotions, memories, dreams, and contemplations in vibrant colors and textures.

Li's conceptual works emerge as visual poetry, inviting viewers into the depths of his uninhibited creative spirit. Rooted in improvisation and memory, his paintings are physical representations of accumulated experiences and memories, capturing both profound life events and mundane everyday moments. His process involves layering paint on the canvas, building up and erasing layers until only a few initial marks remain. This exploration results in a dialogue between artist and medium, leading to works that are neither strictly abstract nor figurative.

Ugo Li's bold, painterly, and often abstract works appropriate and reinterpret the visual signs of today's society. Inspired by the colorful advertising that pervades our environment, he plays with words and slogans, isolating them on canvas and removing them from their original commercial context to give them a more painterly purpose. For Li, the canvas becomes a place to project his emotions, often erasing and repainting his work until he is satisfied with the dialogue between his inner world and the medium.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exhibition and sharing Ugo Li's vibrant and evocative works with you.

Exhibition Gallery

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